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Program for Research and Technological Development of the Electric Energy Sector

Epasa applies 1% of its net operating revenue in R & D (research and development). Of this percentage, 40% is allocated to the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development - FNDCT, 20% to the Ministry of the Environment - MME and 40% to research and development projects, according to regulations established by the National Electric Energy Agency - ANEEL.

The objective of the R & D Program is to apply human and financial resources to projects aimed at promoting a culture of innovation, stimulating research and development in the Brazilian electricity sector, creating new equipment and improving the provision of services that contribute to security of energy supply tariff reduction, the reduction of the environmental impact of the sector and the technological dependence of the country.

Know some of our projects:


Development of a liquid-liquid separation refinement system using induced saturation tower

  • PERIOD OF EXECUTION: 24 months;

  • OBJECTIVE: To develop a system for treatment of oily waters, using a free oil collection tank and an induced saturation tower. The tower consists of vertically arranged trays, reducing the required physical space and increasing the separation efficiency of the system;

  • SHORT TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Due to its high efficiency, the saturation technique with induced air microbubbles has been required by different types of effluent treatments, especially oily water, especially when compared to FAD techniques, in column. Careful operation of these towers can lead to a more rational manipulation of the flows of the treated fluids, allowing the potential energy of the liquid fed to the top of the liquid to be utilized to promote various gas-liquid mixing points;

  • INTENDED INVESTMENT: R$ 3.112.000,00;

  • EXECUTOR: Instituto Avançado de Tecnologia e Inovação - IATI;



Dual fuel dual fuel management system on MAN 3240 engines used by Epasa

  • PERIOD OF EXECUTION: 24 months;

  • OBJECTIVE: Development of an electronic system for dual fuel management in an EPASA MAN 3240 motor-generator set;

  • SHORT TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: The project aims to provide one of the engineers of one of EPASA's thermoelectric plants with an intelligence composed of data capture sensors, data analysis system and actuators that adjust in real time such magnitudes as injection pressure, injection volume and injection time, allowing better fuel utilization, improved engine performance and reduced pollutant emissions. In this specific case of the project, in addition to gains in efficiency of the engines and reduction of emissions due to the increase of the injection pressure of the fuel (caused by the atomization of the fuel), gains with the equalization of the injection in cylinders (reflecting even in minors vibrations and optimized operation capability in partial loads;

  • INTENDED INVESTMENT: R$ 9.642.000,00;

  • EXECUTOR: Fundação CPqD - Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Telecomunicações e DSofer Assessoria em Tecnologia Ltda;



Development of biodetergents for the removal of petroderivatives waste in thermoelectric plants

  • PERIOD OF EXECUTION: 36 months;

  • OBJECTIVE: To develop Biodetergent (s) with biodegradability and non-toxicity characteristics, capable of rapidly cleaning residues from petroderivatives, such as OCB1 fuel oil, diesel, lubricating oil and greases, impregnated in parts, floors and machinery of the plant ;

  • SHORT TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: The proposal of this project aims to develop solutions in three different aspects namely:

    1. Solution for cleaning parts impregnated with fuel oil OCB1;
    2. Solution for cleaning the patios of the plant impregnated by lubricating oils;
    3. Solution for removal and cleaning of environment and machines whose dirt is associated with greases.

    The solutions proposed above will allow a complete cleaning of the plant, reducing the risks of intoxication of operators and reducing the environmental impact of the activity, due to the use of a new non-toxic and biodegradable product;

  • INTENDED INVESTMENT: R$ 2.326.000,00;

  • EXECUTOR: Instituto Avançado de Tecnologia e Inovação - IATI;



Sistema de monitoramento e diagnóstico de falhas em geradores com sistema de excitação – BRUSHLESS

  • PERIOD OF IMPLEMENTATION: 24 months (extended to 42 months);

  • OBJECTIVE: Development of a system for monitoring and diagnosing faults in synchronous generators with a brushless excitation system to be applied in a Thermoelectric;

  • SHORT TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Due to the inexistence of a system that monitors and diagnoses rotor conditions in generators with Brushless excitation systems, this project aims at the development and application of a system for this purpose, which will bring the following benefits to the Operation and Maintenance:

    1. Perform predictive analysis of operational conditions, based on failure trend curves;
    2. To favor preventive actions, contributing to the scheduling of the maintenance;
    3. Reduce the risk of unscheduled generator outage;
    4. Reduce the costs of corrective maintenance;
    5. Monitor, in real time, the conditions of the generator, including the polar coils;
    6. Perform pre-operational self-diagnostics by evaluating the conditions prior to synchronization of the generators' UG.


  • INTENDED INVESTMENT: R$ 625.829,27;

  • EXECUTOR: SD Soluções Ltda;



Insertion of storage system in multiple configurations to support Wind Generation


  • PURPOSE: This project aims to promote knowledge about the energy storage technologies that will be available in the market in the coming years, as well as to implement possible applications and, especially, to develop business models, since this technology is very promising for cause a revolution in the electricity sector. SHORT TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: Develop methodologies that support the design, optimization and site selection for ESS operating with wind power plant, also provide recommendations for technical standards, study and propose regulatory tools as well as train and train professionals in the subjects related to energy storage;

  • INTENDED INVESTMENT: R$ 26.171.703,20 (EPASA participation: R$ 6.800.000,00);

  • EXECUTOR: UFPE – Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, ITENN, PSR Consultoria em Energia;


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