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Company Overview

Centrais Elétricas de Paraíba is a Power Independent Power Company, owner of thermoelectric power plants, Termonordeste and Termoparaíba, with 171 MW of Installed Capacity each, connected to the National Interconnected System at the MESURÉ substation, owned by CHESF, through a transmission line in 230 KV, with 5 km of extension.

It is located in the Industrial District of the municipality of João Pessoa, state of Paraíba.

The plants use the OCB1 fuel oil with low sulfur content as the primary fuel.

Each Plant has 36 contracts for Energy Commercialization in the Regulated Environment (CCEAR), with several energy concessionaires throughout the national territory.

Considering the installed power, the two plants, together, constitute the 2nd largest thermoelectric plant, with fuel oil and the 5th (fifth) largest plant, moved with other energy sources, in the Northeast, respectively.

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